Thursday, 7 November 2013

Buy Property Direct

Invest for a better life with Buy Property Direct.

Our direct approach to property investment enables purchasers to be certain their builder and property adviser will serve their needs, and that investments make sense on all levels.

So…what are the benefits?

New properties direct from the developer

Buy Property Direct personally selects and invests in key areas to develop, and then sells finished properties directly to the investor or owner occupier. You are able to select from properties we have built and endorse, all of these off the plan, turnkey and in solid growth locations.

Maximum stamp duty savings

Our properties are always brand new and sold off-the-plan, enabling purchasers to access maximum government discounts and save thousands in stamp duty.

No agents fees or commissions to pay

With no extra charges to pay, Buy Property Direct clients can save their money into more effective areas, for example, paying down their principal place of residence mortgage or car loans.

We don’t charge for investment education
All our education services are free to ensure your property investments are successful and you have the knowledge and confidence to continue to invest in the future.

No progress payments

Once a 10% deposit has been placed, we do not require progress payments during construction. This allows investors to have cash-flow throughout the investment cycle, and keep their money working for longer in other areas.

Choice of internal colour schemes from professionally designed options

Clients can select from two stylish colour schemes for their property’s internal colours. These schemes have been carefully selected by our interior design team to ensure quality and style.

Qualification for First Home Owner grants

As our properties are brand new, buyers will qualify for government grant(s) if they meet the additional eligibility criteria.


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